Experience Britain By Train

It is difficult to understand why citizens of London prefer to travel to an overseas location for two to three days. The time and money spent in transportation is not worth it, as they hardly have the spare time to visit the tourist spots of that location. Keeping these factors in mind, it would be much better if citizens of London travelled to Glasgow, a city renowned worldwide because of its numerous tourist spots. In case you too reside in London and plan to take your family members for a short trip to Glasgow, it is better that you complete the journey by train rather than by airplane. This is the best way of viewing the countryside of the United Kingdom, known for its greenery and quaint and mesmerising sceneries. You cannot believe the fun your kids will enjoy when they see small towns and villages from the window of their train. Imagine seeing a shepherd lazily moving along with his herd of sheep. In case they are extremely lucky, they might even see village kids waving their hands at the train passengers. The ever-changing scenery, as the train winds its way from London to Glasgow is so surreal that it is impossible to describe the same in words.

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Book a hotel well before the journey date

If you plan to visit Glasgow during the peak holiday season, make sure that you book a hotel room at least a month before your journey date. This ensures that you can find lodging in a relatively low cost hotel. This is advantageous, as you can use the money saved to purchase souvenirs and other goods from Glasgow. Make sure that the hotel is located close to popular tourist spots, as this ensures that you do not have to waste money on transportation costs. The best way is to mark out the tourist spots you plan to visit on a map of Glasgow, and then book a hotel that lies nearby them. Check whether the hotel offers bed and breakfast. This ensures that you do not have to go out for breakfast. Although it might not be feasible at all times, try to book a hotel located close to restaurants. This provides you and your family members with the opportunity to enjoy authentic local fare. Some of the places to visit in Glasgow include:

- Glasgow Cathedral

- Riverside Museum

- Gallery of Modern Art, and

- Grand Building of Art and Natural History