Pros and Cons of Invisalign Braces

As you can see, Invisalign is one of the greatest breakthroughs in cosmetic dentistry. They are widely used because of their invisibility in straightening our teeth unlike the traditional braces. It can also be removed anytime so that you will be able to brush or floss your teeth. So if you plan on getting Invisalign for you cosmetic dental treatment then you should know about its pros and cons of this treatment. Thank you to Invisalign expert Ravi Rajanna from Lakewood Orthodontics for providing this fantastic article.

The pros of Invisalign braces:

  • The best thing about this brace is that it is removable. You can eat whatever you want, play the sports that you love or even play any musical instruments that you wish.
  • One great feature about this brace is that it is clearly invisible. They are also more aesthetic that clear or metal braces. You can smile with confidence while you’re wearing them.

  • They are extremely comfortable due to the absence of wires and brackets in your teeth. The risks of damaging the inside of your mouth are close to zero.
  • Dental emergencies are prevented because pointy things like the wires have no chance of poking the soft tissues in your mouth.

  • The material used is FDA approved so there’s no need to worry about having metal allergies.
  • The straightening treatment only has a shorter amount of time and it produces even better results.


The cons of Invisalign braces:

  • The user must follow the exact instructions that the orthodontist provides. Failure to do so won’t produce results and the teeth won’t move exactly the way it should be.
  • The cost for the braces is extremely high.

  • During the adjustment period, a slight lisp should be expected during the first few weeks of the treatment.
  • You are required to replace your aligners every 2 weeks. The great thing about this is that it will provide more pressure on your teeth thus increasing its straightening period.

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